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At Notch Creative we build websites for individuals and businesses to establish or uniformly enhance their online identity. From leaders in their industry to those starting to build a name for themselves, Notch Creative specializes in delivering your message in an engaging and effective manner to your audience.


All companies listed below are intended as a resource to promote self-education and awareness for individuals or businesses wanting to learn more about creating a website. Although Notch Creative may, on occasion, use the services of some of the companies listed below, we do not endorse and are not directly affiliated with any of these companies.

We encourage you to do adequate research to ensure you are gaining the best possible resources available. With all that said, we do hope these resources are of value to you.

Branding and Promotion / Blogging / Content Management Systems / Copy Sources / Custom Printing / Domain Registration / Fonts / Graphic Design / Hosting, Email, and Colocation / Photographers / Shopping Cart / Social Networking / Stock Photography / Other Resources

Branding and Promotion

Promotional materials are a great way to leave a lasting impression, from tradeshow swag to client gifts, ensure your name is associated with quality by selecting well-manufactured materials.

Blue Rhino Graphics (Low Minimums)
Choke Print Shop
Gorilla Screen Printing
Kotis Design
Zazzle top ↑

Copy Sources

Writing content for your website or brochure is key in communicating what you have to say or offer, but also helps set a tone for your business-fun, quirky, current. Keywords also play a very important role in having your webpages found (SEO), make sure you're optimizing the space on the screen.

Good Documents
Very Good Copy
Writing for the Web top ↑

Custom Printing

Make a lasting impression with custom printed merchandise or business marketing. A tactile business card is often given a closer look or saved as inspirational.

Diversified Systems (CD/DVD)
Evolution Press
Myrtle Alley Press (Letterpress)
Pike Street Press (Letterpress) top ↑


Do you desire hand lettering or a unique style font that will have you standing apart from your competition? Browse thousands of library, some free or low cost, that suit your business needs.

Google Fonts (Web Fonts)
Creative Market
Adobe Typekit top ↑

Graphic Design

Hiring a graphic designer on a full-time, part-time, or freelance (project-based) basis is important if you do not have the training or tools to create original graphics or a custom logo. Save time and money by finding a good designer ready to work the way you need (in-house, in-person meetings, or remote).

School of Visual Concepts, Seattle
Seattle 24×7 top ↑


Hiring a photographer may be costly, but professional equipment, lighting, and training will give you high quality images specific to your business. Consider contacting an aspiring student (local high school or community college) to save money. Or add to your skills by taking a class.

Cleary O'Farrell Photography
Photo Center Northwest
Rocky Mountain School of Photography top ↑

Stock Photography

Unless you are using an image that you captured, make sure you have permission to use any images you find online. Most are copyright protected and must be licensed for commercial use. Resolution is important too, so having a high quality image will make your website or marketing material look professional.

Creative Market
Getty Images top ↑

Domain Registration

A domain name (www.yourname.com), which is renewed annually, can be purchased through a domain registrar. Be careful to register your domain name with a trusted company, one that will not sell your information. Also beware of companies that register the domain name themselves and only give you access to use it through them, you'll never actually own the name or have rights to move it to another registrar.

Go Daddy
Web.com top ↑

Hosting, Email, and Colocation

Once you own your domain name, you will need a place to 'park' or host your website, possibly providing email. Larger companies may choose to rent physical space on a rack server but most only require file size storage. To learn more about the Cloud, see Other Resources.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Digital Fortress
Go Daddy
Network Solutions
XO Communications
Google Domains top ↑

Content Management Systems

If you update your own website you will need software to manage the content. Content Management Systems (CSM) will organize your website (pages, content, images) and offer tools to help you make changes.

Google Web Designer (Beta) top ↑


Have something to say and love to write then a blog is a simple and organized format to communicate your message. Blogs have evolved, now used to build websites that rarely have updates but are still easy to manage. If you do plan to post content, make sure to keep a schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly) and stick to it. Even prewrite 6 or more at a time to have a ready supply. An ignored blog or Twitter account will not get returning visitors.

Movable Type
Word Press top ↑

Shopping Cart

If you sell merchandise or services online, you will need a shopping cart to handle the transaction. Nowadays the service is included with many website packages, but always make sure to use a safe and secure merchant you trust.

Big Cartel
Wix top ↑

Social Networking

Using social network platforms is an easy and convenient way to reach your audience on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If your website does not require constant updates, you can use Facebook or Twitter to add new content or link relevant articles. If your business is more visual, try Instagram to convey your message. Review based social networking is ideal for the service industry such as restaurants, hotels, or transportation.

Yelp top ↑

Other Resources

Reading material or online courses and tutorials.

O'Reilly Media
W3 Schools
Types of Cloud Computing